Text 10 Nov 1 note Injection of writing

I’ve been neglecting Tumblr (again).

However, I’ve also spent the past year not writing a single thing. No scripts, no blogging. Only SMS messages and emails, but those barely count.

Not sure why I was barren for a year. There are many possible causes, but nothing really stands out. Maybe what happened with Projected Entertainment was a cause? Or maybe it wasn’t.

Now I hope to get back into rambling on here as I found my “mojo”. After speaking to a friend, suddenly I found the motivation to write. Was hugely unexpected. I wrote a short film script in the space of two hours. The next day I started writing a feature length film script. A few days later I took a break from that, and wrote another short film script. Was such a great feeling to sit at my laptop and bash on the keys for hours on end. Forgotten what that was like!

People have asked me how I managed to start writing again, how I managed to suddenly have the drive to work on scripts. Again, not exactly sure. The friend did help. Maybe they became my muse, the one to get the ball rolling. Doesn’t sound like a bad idea really. Many writers, rock stars, authors et al talk about having a muse and how that helps them to keep writing. Muse doesn’t have to be a loved one, can be a friend, a family member, a pet, an actor in a film etc. They help you, inspire you if you like. But finding such a thing is very difficult. It’s not like there are advertisements for them. You just have to be lucky in getting one.

One of the scripts I’ve written is being shot in a few weeks for a Uni project. I’ve been given the role of director. Something I haven’t done for a very long time. Again, lost my passion in that as well. But have that drive back now the writing mojo is back. Shall see how it goes!


Video 18 Jan 1,628 notes

Maia Flore

Sleep Elevations

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Video 10 Jan

Bon Iver - RE:Stacks

Can’t believe this video we did has now reached over 10,000! Granted, about a quarter of those is probably by myself… But still.
Projected Entertainment took a little hiatus from filming. Instead working on creating a business and all that jazz. We worked behind the scenes, setting up properly.
However, now that’s been sorted, we shall be returning to filming in February (expect a blog update about that in the near future!).

I’ve been very slack in my Tumblr updating page. But I will be ranting and raving on here again from now on. Promise. Unless my ranting annoyed you. In that case, sorry for “being back”.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for their support on our filming, our audience are great, the actors we’ve used are fantastic and the people I work with are fairly good too!

Hope you enjoy the video!

Text 6 Feb WCYT

As the time of WCYT begins to wind down, I have started to ponder my time there.

Anna created the company to develop the local talent of Wells and the surrounding area. Anna used to be my drama teacher until another opportunity arose for her. She was a very enthusiastic teacher, loved the art of drama. So when she decided to create the company, many people from the school decided to join and act in the performances. I didn’t at the time. I was still a footballer still, so that took a lot of my time up. I loved football, so that was my focus. However, whenever I watched WCYT’s performances, Anna would also speak to me and invite me to join. I always declined the offer. However, when football was a possibility for me anymore, I did need something to occupy myself and focus my obsessive tendencies towards!

A good friend of mine, Fraser, was running the company while Anna was on maternity leave. He asked me to help out, so I did. And Rock, Paper, Scissor Project was born. Fraser wanted to use the technique of improvisation and offer young actors who have never touched on it in depth, the chance to explore it. The response was amazing. One aspect i can say I had an effect with for this project, was coming up the name, however everything else was down to Fraser. He decided to work the project towards an improvised version of a Shakespeare classic, Romeo and Juliet. Highly challenging work for an experienced actor, let alone the young ones only just getting into that trade. After a rehearsal, Fraser spoke to me and asked me to get involved as an actor, instead of just assisting him. I had to think hard about the offer. I publicly announced my “retirement” from acting. Did it for the “banter” by saying that. But really, I doubted myself alongside the WCYT company with their talent. However, Fraser doesn’t give in easily, so I accepted. Rest is history. By chance, I ended up playing the lead, Romeo, on one of the performance nights. As I was backstage from just being on, I realised that I do actually enjoy it. Even against my stubborn response when asked to be in it. That is my regret. To not of got involved a lot earlier. When the company was formed. I then ended up producing Hamlet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Royal Shakespeare Festival along with Anna. I admit I didn’t do as an in depth role of producer as I anticipated. This is because Anna covered everything with the production! She directed, and produced it. To be able to do that is highly impressive.

But now I’m acting in and producing the last WCYT performance directed by Anna, Heartbreak Beautiful. Which leaves me happy, but as stated before, regretful that I didn’t put more WCYT productions “under my belt” no matter in what role, acting or producing.

This will be a lot of fun.

Text 23 Jan Mario Balotelli

Mario Balotelli is a good footballer. Yes he plays for Man City, but can still appreciate his skill on the ball.

However, his attitude amazes me. How can a role model for many youngsters (professional footballers are all role models regardless of what team and league they play in) act in such in way? That is the question.

He throws darts at youth players, tells people only Messi is better than him in the world, he tries to back heel the ball into the goal against LA Galaxy which he misses and gets immediately subbed off, been photographed wearing an AC Milan shirt while playing for Inter and has many on pitch issues.

I’ve just looked at the footage of Balotelli and Scott Parker incident in yesterday’s game where the score finished Man City 3 - 2 Tottenham. There is a discussion whether he meant to do it. In my opinion, he did. His leg kicks out unnaturally as he falls over, which results in Parker feeling Balotelli’s studs in his skull.

There are so many young people who want nothing more than to be playing on a pitch in front of a crowd. I should know, I used to be one of those youngsters! So a man as talented as Balotelli just seems to be showing a bad example and throwing his skills in the game away. It’s such a shame.

Hopefully the FA will look to take action, and maybe set an example of this horrid behaviour. Fingers crossed.

Text 18 Jan 2 notes Technology Etiquette.

Technology… Without it we’d still be bashing two stones together to keep warm as even the woolly mammoth blanket sometimes won’t do alone. But now, we press a button to turn the heating on. Wow, we do have it hard… However, with great genius, comes a whole new social manners spectrum.

it’s almost become an excuse for people to be plain rude. Now, I don’t mean in the obvious way, such as throwing abuse at someone by hiding behind words via email or text. I mean in a very subtle way. Not responding to a message.

I can understand late responses, if there’s a reason (my phone was stolen, I own a Nokia). But don’t understand when there is simply no reply at all after a very long period of time. It’s just not nice. If someone walks past you in the street, and they say “good morning” for example, you wouldn’t stare at them and continue walking past. The correct thing to do is to greet them back! Yet when people get the option of hiding behind text, they instantly believe there is no social etiquette in technology. Well, they’re wrong.

What’s also annoying for the person sending the unresponded messages, is they start to get paranoid. When this happens, they will send the same message again and again. If we go back to the walking past someone in the street example. Imagine ignoring a greeting from someone, and they believe you haven’t heard, so they say it again and again. progressively getting louder. Now, that wouldn’t be much fun really.

So be nice. Don’t ignore messages. No matter what format. Any appropriate response will do. That person took time out of their day to write that message, least you can do is return the favour.

Vent… over.

Text 11 Jan Grants for new businesses?

Yes these exist. Just hidden away so none of us know about them. Then we won’t apply which means the government can roll around in money still.

Unless it’s a privately backed company to fund your new business. Then they will make you do so many things, writing, plans ect. That you will get bored, or driven crazy that you end up whacking your head against the wall.

Don’t think I can have another conversation on the phone today. Too many, just so many. Phone skills section in the brain is crawling now. If I hear “oh no we don’t do that” or “Oh we don’t provide grants for that… But these people do, here’s their number” where the same keeps happening, I will cry. Yes I will. Just you watch.

I would like money. Not for me… Well kinda is for me, but more for Projected Entertainment. So one day, I WILL write that 2000 word proposal, or 8000 word one if I want more than 10grand, if I’m feeling daring.

I will start begging. Go around with a hat asking for loose change. If that means I can get new equipment, I will do it!.. Or get someone else in PE to do it. Possibly Sam.

Maybe I will sell a kidney. You get 20grand, so that would be nice. But takes 20 years off your life apparently… Fun.

So if you kind people feel any pity for me. Go to PE’s website and donate to us. Would be much appreciated. If you donate loads, I will even make a video to thank you personally.

Prostituting myself out now… Never mind.


Text 2 Dec 1 note "Extra! Extra!" - Press.

So Projected Entertainment are gaining a little bit of a celebrity status… Well it’s very, very small. But every little helps!

Me and Sam were interviewed by a marketing team who will send the story on to other newspapers. Also had to pose a little bit as our photos were taken.

So hopefully in the next few weeks, Projected will be a household name across the globe!

This story is being used due to that figure that came out recently about 1 million young people unemployed, and me and Sam were going to be used as a positive exception to that.

So shall see how far this press coverage takes us!


Text 20 Nov New website design

Welcome back to the brand spanking new website by Projected Entertainment! (Link is below)

Sam Hoole has done a wonderful job designing all the layout, colours and background. Well done lad.

Take a look around the new site, get a feel for it all. Do comment or contact us. We get little communication with people, so any at all is very appreciated.

Is just a brief message, have fun.



Text 30 Oct Another year - 4 Years On…

"You’re a falling star, You’re the get away car.
You’re the line in the sand when I go too far.
You’re the swimming pool, on an August day.
And you’re the perfect thing to say.”

The song echos through me, today of all days. Is one of the songs made famous by Tom Midcalf. Michael Buble’ - Everything. Arctic Monkeys - Mardy Bum and Dean Martin - That’s Amore.

The later as a strong connection with myself. As “That’s Amore” is tattooed on my left ankle. To remember him always. The joy he brang to all he met. He was the agony aunt for all. Times I confided in him, and times he did the same to me.

After the sudden and devastating death of Mids. People mourned after the loss of a dear friend, and one of the rare, loyal, decent, and honest human beings.

He inspired his friends to keep his memory alive. Charity raising followed. He would of been so very proud of everyone who organised, took part and donated. The charity is SADS.

So I leave a brief remembrance of a dear friend. No matter how many years it’s been, you will forever be in my mind and spur me on to turn your memory into something positive. It’s the least you deserve. I love you, and miss you Mids.

That’s Amore.

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